What Items Are Checked In A Hot Section Inspection Of A Turbine Engine?

What are the two basic sections of a turbine engine?

Split shaft engine: The engine is split into two major sections, the gas generator, and the power turbine section.

The gas generator section consists of a compressor, combustor, and high pressure (HP) turbine.

The gas generator’s purpose is to produce a hot expanding gas for use in the power turbine..

What are the major components of a turbine engine?

Major components include the compressor, combustion system, gas producer turbine, and power turbine. This design includes a two-stage gas producer turbine and a two-stage power turbine.

What is the difference between overhaul and rebuilt?

A “rebuilt” engine should be put back into like-new condition, with all parts examined and replaced if they aren’t within new tolerances. An “overhauled” engine has new parts installed when they are worn beyond limits, but many are left in place because the wear limit hasn’t been exceeded.

When turbine engines are operated on the ground there is a negative pressure at the inlet?

36. RAM RECOVERY  When a turbine engine is operated there is a negative pressure in the inlet because of the high velocity of the airflow. As the aircraft moves forward in the flight, air rams in to the inlet duct and ram recovery takes place.

What are three different types of inspections that should be accomplished when overhauling an engine?

There are 3 basic categories of inspection during overhaul: visual, structural non-destructive testing (NDT) and dimensional.

What seven items must be checked before returning a reciprocating engine aircraft to service after an annual or 100 hour inspection?

prior to returning a reciprocating engine to service after a 100-hour inspection, what operational checks must be performed? Check the power output (static and idle r.p.m.), check magnetos, fuel and oil pressure check, cylinder and oil temperature check.

What are the two basic components in the turbine section?

The turbine section of a gas turbine engine is located aft, or downstream, of the combustion chamber. Specifically, it is directly behind the combustion chamber outlet. The turbine assembly consists of two basic elements: turbine inlet guide vanes and turbine blades.

What is meant by a shrouded turbine?

111 (8218) – What is meant by a shrouded turbine? A- The turbine blades are shaped so that their ends form a band or shroud. … 116 (8223) – (1) Accumulation of contaminates in the compressor of a turbojet engine reduces aerodynamic efficiency of the blades.

Where do stress rupture cracks usually appear on turbine blades?

Turbine Blade Inspection Turbine blade waviness. Stress rupture cracks usually appear as minute hairline cracks on or across the leading or trailing edge at a right angle to the edge length. Visible cracks may range in length from one-sixteenth inch upward.

What is major overhaul?

Major Overhaul means a time period during which Seller plans to remove the Generating Facility from Operation in order to dismantle the Generating Facility’s equipment for inspections, repairs or replacement, with the goal that such equipment will be reassembled and made available for Operation.

How would a mechanic inspect a turbine engine for suspected FOD?

[Figure 1] Inspect the first stage turbine blades and nozzle guide vanes for cracks, warping, or FOD. Also inspect the combustion chamber outlet ducts and turbine nozzle for cracks and for evidence of FOD. … The extent of disassembly of the engine to accomplish this inspection varies from different engine types.

What publication is required when performing an inspection on a helicopter?

The Pilot shall make an entry in the helicopter’s logbook or record that such an inspection has been performed. The pre-flight inspection is included in the Pilot’s 14-hour duty day.

Which statement is correct when an aircraft has not been approved for return to service after an annual inspection because of several items requiring minor repair?

Which statement is correct when an aircraft has not been approved for return to service after an annual inspection because of several items requiring minor repair? An appropriately rated mechanic may repair the defects and approve the aircraft for return to service.

What is the best indication of worn valve guides?

What is the best indication of worn valve guides? High oil consumption. at maximum velocity 90 after TDC.

Is Tbo mandatory?

The TBO is a time ‘recommended’ by the manufacturer and, depending upon what rules the aircraft operates under, overhauling the engine at this time is not necessarily mandatory. For aircraft in non-commercial use overhauls are not mandatory, but highly recommended.

What is top overhaul engine?

A top overhaul is basically what it sounds like: Remove and overhaul or replace the “top end” of the engine: cylinders, pistons and valves. Reluctant test pilot: that’s what you are when conducting a post-maintenance test flight.

What is the most common type of damage that is found in the hot section of a turbine engine?

What is the most common type of damage that is found in the hot section of a turbine engine? Cracks that are caused by the high concentration of heat in the hot section.

What are the three types of turbine blades?

There are 3 main types of impulse turbine in use: the Pelton, the Turgo, and the Crossflow turbine. The two main types of reaction turbine are the propeller turbine (with Kaplan variant) and the Francis turbine. The reverse Archimedes Screw and the overshot waterwheel are both gravity turbines.