What Does It Cost To Rent A Penske Truck?

Do you need insurance to rent a Penske truck?

“It’s important for anyone renting a truck from Penske to know we have optional protection plans designed to protect them and their belonging should an accident occur during their move.” …

Personal Accident Insurance – Offers accidental death and medical coverage to the renter of the truck and its passengers..

What do you need to rent a Penske truck?

Penske personal moving trucks do not require a special license to drive….How old do I have to be to drive a Penske truck?Driver’s license.State-issued ID.Passport.Social Security card.Vehicle registration.Phone bill.Military ID.Credit card.

Is Penske or uhaul cheaper?

U-Haul’s rates are typically lower, but Penske is the cheaper option in some areas. You can learn more about U-Haul by reading our review of the company’s services and features. If you’d rather read more about Penske, check out our Penske review instead.

What is the cheapest truck rental for moving?

The top 5 moving truck rental companiesU-Haul—Best overall.Budget Truck Rental—Best budget pick.Penske Truck Rental—Most versatile.Enterprise Truck Rental—Best for local moves.Home Depot Truck Rental—Best for hourly moves.

Does Penske charge per mile?

Like most companies, Penske charges $. 99 per mile when you rent a truck for a round-trip move. However, if you only require the truck for one way, you’ll receive free unlimited mileage.

Do you need a CDL to drive a 26 foot Penske truck?

26-foot truck: The largest truck you can rent without a CDL license, this truck will fit the contents of a larger home into 1,700 cubic feet of storage space and can hold up to 10,000 pounds.

What does uhaul charge per mile?

Mileage rates range anywhere from $0.59 to $0.99 per mile. There’s no mileage charge on one-way moves (a.k.a. long-distance moves), but U-Haul usually gives you an allotted number of miles you have to stay under.

How much does it cost to rent a Penske truck?

Penske costs anywhere from $35 to $2,800 (compared to $550 to $12,000 for a full-service move), which makes it an affordable choice for long-distance moves. We found that Penske has the most transparent pricing for one-way moves compared to other truck rental companies.

Can you rent a Penske truck with a debit card?

No, Penske Truck Rental does not accept debit & prepaid cards. … Check Penske Truck Rental’s website to see if they have updated their debit & prepaid cards policy since then. Check website. However, Penske Truck Rental does offer coupons and discount codes.

Why is Penske so much cheaper than uhaul?

Pricing. Penske’s prices are roughly on par with U-Haul and more expensive than Budget when it comes to long-distance moves. We do like that Penske includes unlimited miles for one-way moves, though, so you don’t have to worry about extra mileage charges. We also like that Penske’s up-front with its pricing.

Does Home Depot charge per mile on truck rental?

When you rent a truck from Home Depot, you pay for the time, not the miles. … This also means that Home Depot has really competitive prices compared to other local moving companies and moving truck rental companies, which generally charge by the mile for local moves.

What is the best truck rental company?

The Top 5 Moving Truck CompaniesBest overall – U-Haul.Best for your budget – Budget Truck.Best for hourly rental – The Home Depot.Best for a local move – Enterprise Truck Rental.Best for a long-distance move – Penske.