Quick Answer: Who Is The CEO Of El Pollo Loco?

Why did Pollo Loco close?

The closings are “due to a tough financial environment,” said Julie Weeks, a spokeswoman for the chain, based in Costa Mesa, Calif.

El Pollo Loco, which specializes in Mexican-style grilled chicken dishes, has no plans at this time to reopen those restaurants, Weeks said..

Is Pollo Loco Keto?

4. Keto Options at El Pollo Loco: El Pollo Loco has gotten on keto board with the lettuce taco! They will make any of their tacos in a lettuce shell – all of their flame-grilled chicken has 0g net carbs, then add veggies and cheese and avocado for a great taco.

Does Pollo Loco have soup?

Beginning today, customers can enjoy freshly prepared Chicken Tortilla Soup at their local El Pollo Loco restaurant. Famous for chicken that is marinated in a special blend of herbs, spices, and citrus juices, and then flame-grilled to perfection over an open fire, El Pollo Loco has created Chicken Tortilla Soup.

How healthy is El Pollo Loco?

Most Nutritious Option Chicken breast is a classic health food, and El Pollo Loco allows you to order a single Fire-Grilled Chicken Breast. Each piece contains 220 calories, 9g total fat, 2.5g saturated fat, 0g carbohydrates, 36g protein, and 620mg sodium. It also contains 140mg of cholesterol per serving.

How old is Pollo Loco?

45 years (January 6, 1975)El Pollo Loco/Age

Does El Pollo Loco accept EBT?

But eateries that take EBT as SNAP authorized restaurants can be found at locations primarily in California and Arizona, with limited pilot projects in Rhode Island and Florida, although some national chains take EBT in other states. … Denny’s, Domino’s Pizza, and El Pollo Loco take EBT as well.

Does El Pollo Loco give senior discount?

Senior Discounts: We offer a 10% discount (maximum value of $1) to our guests 60 years of age or older. If you qualify, please ask your cashier for the discount prior to payment.

Where does El Pollo Loco get their chicken?

When Juan Francisco Ochoa sold his company to Denny’s in the ’80s, it came with the agreement that his family could still own the franchise in Mexico. To this day, the Ochoa family still runs the locations across Mexico privately. They still specialize in selling marinated grilled chicken, just south of the border.

Who is El Pollo Loco owned by?

Ownership: Purchased by New York-based American Securities Capital Partners L.P. from Advantica Restaurant Group Inc., based in Spartanburg, S.C. 1975: Founded as a roadside chicken stand in Guasave, Mexico by Juan Francisco Ochoa. 1980: Ochoa opens his first El Pollo Loco restaurant in Los Angeles.

Is Pollo Loco processed food?

El Pollo Loco ingredients are all fresh At some fast food places, you can tell that just about all the food is packed with preservatives, and you know the meat was probably frozen at some point.

Did El Pollo Loco sell fries?

El Pollo Loco, with flame-grilled chicken at the top of its menu, urges its customers to “taste the fire.” Now the chain itself is feeling the heat. … New side dishes meant to appeal to more upscale consumers include sweet-potato fries, sweet corn cakes and grilled cut corn.

Is El Pollo Loco chicken processed?

They Use Only Fresh Chicken El Pollo Loco is insistent upon using only fresh ingredients, and that includes their signature chicken. Each day, the average El Pollo Loco restaurant goes through 147 full chickens every day, and they’re never frozen.

What should I get at El Pollo Loco?

The Best & Worst Menu Items at El Pollo LocoBest: 2 Piece Meal, Chicken Leg with Skin.Worst: 4 Piece Meal, Chicken Breast With Skin.Best: Chicken Black Bean Bowl.Worst: Double Chicken Tostada Salad.Best: Original BRC Burrito.Worst: Chipotle Chicken Avocado Burrito.Worst: Chicken Avocado Overstuffed Quesadilla.More items…•

Where was El Pollo Loco founded?

Guasave, MexicoEl Pollo Loco/Place founded

Does El Pollo Loco make their own tortillas?

They are prepared with fresh, quality ingredients, including stone ground tortillas, fire-grilled chicken or tender shrimp, Monterrey jack and cotija cheeses and topped with hand-sliced avocado.

Is El Pollo Loco only in California?

Locations in the United States In the U.S. as of 2018, El Pollo Loco operates over 400 company-owned and franchised restaurants in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Louisiana.

Does El Pollo Loco have free delivery?

(“ El Pollo Loco” or “Company”) (Nasdaq: LOCO), the nation’s leading fire-grilled chicken restaurant chain, today announced an extended commitment to free delivery in partnership with Postmates .

Does El Pollo Loco use lard in their beans?

The pinto beans are vegan! This is truly a rarity, you guys, since it’s usually cooked with pork lard. Not at Pollo Loco, friends.