Quick Answer: What Is The Best 6×9 Speakers To Buy?

Are 6×9 Speakers good?

Even better; they are also capable of making a good amount deep bass notes, and they have the capability to reach into the higher frequencies too.

That makes them a good all-around package.

On top of the capabilities of the basic 6×9 speaker, now you can select a speaker in the 6×9 size in a 2 or 3-way configuration..

Do 6×9 speakers have good bass?

JBL GTO939 are some of the best 6X9 car speakers for bass without amp that you can buy, all things considered. … JBL GTO939 speakers can handle up to 100 watts of power on continuous basis. Combine that with their high sensitivity rating of 94 dB, and you get great-sounding 6X9 speakers for bass without amp.

Are 6.5 speakers better than 6×8?

As long as you keep your high pass high enough where the speaker’s not flexing itself out of shape (a 6.5″s going to be able to keep it’s structural integrity with higher excursion than a non-round) the difference in sound’s going to be negligable. And for normal useage, the 6×8 should have more midbass.

Which 6×9 speakers sound the best?

Reviews of the 10 Best 6X9 Car SpeakersPioneer TS-A6970R Car Speakers Review.Kenwood KFC-6965S Speakers Review.Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime Speakers Review.Kicker DS693 Speakers Review.Infinity Reference 9632cf Speakers Review.Polk Audio DB691 Speakers Review.Kicker 40CS6934 6×9 inch 3-Way Speakers Review.More items…•

What is the loudest 6×9 speaker?

Comparison Table for 2020’s Top 6×9 Car SpeakersSpeakers NamePower OutputSensitivityPOLK AUDIO DB692Peak:450W RMS:150W93 dBRockford Fosgate Punch P1692Peak:150W RMS:75W91 dBHertz Audio HCX 690 Hi-EnergyPeak:260W RMS:130W94 dBPioneer TS-A6966RPeak:420W RMS:60W92 dB6 more rows

Which is better 6×9 or 6.5 speakers?

The 6×9 however do have more cone area and will be better at reproducing midbass and will be able to get a little lower than 6.5″ speakers. … High sensitivity allows the speakers to get every last watt out of the headunit and put it to better use. It would also be a better idea to get a lower wattage set.

Is 2 way or 3 way speakers better?

The mid-range here will be more accurate and will give the ability create a much better audio experience. Therefore, if using high quality components, a 3 way system is classed as typically better than a 2 way system with regards to the overall sound quality of the component systems.

Can a 6×9 speaker fit in a 6×8?

Yes it can. If I recall that year right, the rears are mounted to a plastic panel covered by another plastic trim panel. I would just trim the edges of the panel the speakers are mounted to. You could go ahead and buy 6×8 that are really good.

Can you replace 6.5 speakers with 6×9?

RE: converting 6.5″ speakers to 6×9″ as long as they are secuely mounted you can use them. yes you can use the same speaker wire.