Quick Answer: What Is Ka Pai?

What is Ka kite?


I’ll see you again.

– only used when speaking to one person.

For two people use kōrua instead of koe, and for three or more people use koutou instead of koe.

Often shortened, incorrectly, to Ka kite anō or Ka kite..

What does PAI insurance cover?

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) insures drivers of a rental car and their passengers for accidental medical costs, emergency care and accidental death during your rental trip, up to a certain limit.

What language is Pai?

Pei language or Pai, a Sepik language spoken of Papua-New Guinea.

What does Aroha nui?

1. much love, with deep affection – often used in signing off letters to friends.

What does kia ora koutou?

Kia ora tātou/kia ora koutou – Hello everyone. Tēnā koutou – Greetings to you (said to three or more people)

What does Pai mean?

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) is a science-backed health score that measures the heart health impact of physical activity. It gives you a personalized score, based on your profile and heart rate data to tell you if you’re doing enough, measuring what matters and keeping you motivated.

What does Nga mihi mean?

Greetings to allIt’s Maori language week. Here’s my mihi in te reo. The English translation is : Greetings to all. … My Maori colleagues are helping spread the word.

What does Pai mean in Thai?

Pai is also the source of pa, which ostensibly means “let’s go”, or “get a move on”, although a Thai will often say pa a hundred times over the course of an hour preceding actual departure.

What does Tena Koe mean?

Tēnā koe (to one person), tēnā kōrua (to two people), or tēnā koutou (to three or more people) also means thank you in Māori.

What does Ka Pai mean in New Zealand?

Well done, or goodKa pai – Well done, or good.

What does the word ka mean?

ka in American English (kɑ ) in ancient Egyptian religion, the soul, regarded as dwelling in a person’s body or in an image. Word origin. Egypt kʾ