Quick Answer: How Much Is A 2005 Pontiac Bonneville Worth?

Can you still get parts for Pontiac?

GM will continue to make parts for Pontiac models indefinitely and most Pontiac dealers also sell the Buick and GMC brands and will continue to operate..

How many miles can a Pontiac Bonneville last?

200,000 milesThe bigger car ride, smaller car handling, full instrumentation and adult styling made the Bonnies an all-American car. The 3800 engine is very hard to fault and this car can easily last 200,000 miles with modest attention.

How much is a 2005 Pontiac Aztek worth?

2005 Pontiac Aztek Value – $701-$2,764 | Edmunds.

How much is a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville worth?

2002 Pontiac Bonneville Value – $471-$1,900 | Edmunds.

How much is a Pontiac Aztek?

There are 4 used Pontiac Aztek vehicles for sale near you, with an average cost of $3,671.

Is the Pontiac Aztek a good car?

Its got a lot of room inside, handles nicely and rides great and is really comfortable on long trips. Had some minor issues but nothing too big. All in all we love the Aztek. We love the interior of this car.

Is the Pontiac Aztek the ugliest car?

‘” James Hall, vice-president at AutoPacific Inc ranked the Aztek as one of the ten ugliest cars of all time, Karl Brauer, CEO and editor-in-chief of TotalCarScore.com said the Aztek featured “atrocious proportions wrapped in plastic body cladding,” and “looked like a station wagon stretched out by a car bomb.”

Why was Pontiac discontinued?

Though Pontiac was at one time one of the top-selling brands in the United States, its leadership was unable to devise a strategy that would allow the Pontiac brand to continue. In business since 1926, Pontiac was discontinued in April 2009.

What year was the last Pontiac Bonneville made?

2005Pontiac Bonneville Model History A full-size sports sedan with seating for five, the 2005 Pontiac Bonneville has entered its final year of production.

Are Pontiac Bonnevilles good cars?

The 2000 Bonneville SLE is by far Pontiac’s best car. … The Pontiac Bonneville SLE houses GM’s 3.8L V6 engine, which is one of the most reliable engines on the market today. Not only does it have a reliable engine, but it’s also got a powerful one with 205-horse power.

How much is a 2005 Pontiac Vibe worth?

2005 Pontiac Vibe Value – $709-$2,659 | Edmunds.

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