Quick Answer: How Long Do I Have To Wait For My Argos Card?

Is an Argos card a credit card?

An Argos Card is a store card with a credit limit that allows you to make purchases from Argos and Sainsbury’s and pay at a later date.

Depending on what you buy, you can use an Argos Card a bit like you would a regular credit card or take out an Argos Card credit plan..

How much do you have to spend on Argos card to get 12 months?

Up to 12 months to pay on selected floorcare when you spend £199 or more.

Will I get accepted for an Argos card?

If you apply online via a Quick Check Application: we’ll tell you whether you’re likely to be accepted before you actually submit your application. This won’t affect your credit rating at all. Then, if you decide to complete the application, a successful search will be added to your credit history.

Do Argos cards build credit?

As far as I can see from my credit reports though, my Argos card has no bearing on credit score payment wise, but the available credit certainly shows up on there. … As long as you make the regular payment then should help your score. It’s a credit line same as any other.

Can I withdraw cash from my Argos card?

You can withdraw cash on your Argos Classic Credit Card from any cashpoint that displays the Mastercard logo. … You can withdraw cash up to your cash limit which will be displayed on your statement. Interest will be charged from the date of the cash transaction even if you pay off your balance in full.

Can you use Argos card before it arrives?

APPLY NOW TO SHOP LATER If you’re planning ahead, you can apply for an Argos Card today. We’ll send out your card within 10 days. As soon as it arrives, you can shop online and in-store. … Then when you go into store, you can apply and pay for your stuff with an Argos Card.

How do I use my Argos card?

You can use your physical card in-store at either Argos or Sainsbury’s. Or you can shop with it online at argos.co.uk – don’t forget to click ‘save card details’ when you checkout to save you time in the future. Or just go to Your Account to save your card details.

Do I need a PIN number for my Argos card?

You can use any type of Argos Gift Card online, as well as in-store. So that includes eGift Cards or physical Gift Cards (the plastic or cardboard type). You just need to make sure the card number starts with 10000 and you’ve got a 4-digit security PIN.

Is it easy to get Argos credit?

It’s easy to apply for an Argos Card. The way you apply depends on whether you need a credit plan today… Or whether you’re lining up credit ready for future shopping at Argos.

Where else can I use my Argos card?

Mostly, yes – you can use your Argos Card to buy groceries, Tu Clothing, Homewares, Electronics – basically anything that’s stocked in Sainsbury’s and Sainsbury’s Local stores.

How do Argos cards work?

You can shop with an Argos Card in-store or online – like you would with any other credit card. … Then, if you pay off your total balance when you get your statement, the money you’ve borrowed won’t cost you extra in interest.

Does Argos buy now pay later affect credit score?

If you use buy now pay later sensibly and make your repayments on time it shouldn’t have a negative effect on your credit score. … This means that when you apply for a loan, credit card or mortgage in the future how you used buy now pay later could affect whether your application is approved.

Can I use my Argos card in Homebase 2020?

Argos/Homebase ‘A Cards’ If you’ve one of these gift cards and want to spend it at Homebase, sadly there’s not a lot you can do. As the card can still be spent at Argos, it’s considered usable and you’re not entitled to a refund.

Are Argos cards good?

Brilliant service all round! I’ve never had to pay any interest charges for my purchases because Argos make you well aware of the time you need to pay off your plans by. I would always recommend the Argos Card to my friends and family when an expensive Christmas or Birthday present is required.

How much do you have to spend to get 12 months interest free at Argos?

You buy something from Argos using your Argos Card… then you pay us back later. And if you’re borrowing over £50, we’ll give you between 3 and 12 months where you won’t be charged any interest (as long as you pay the total balance before the plan ends).

What happens if I dont pay Argos card?

Buy Now, Pay Later – But Be Warned! If you do not manage to pay off your ‘by now pay later’ plan by the end of the agreed period or fail to keep your account up to date, Argos will charge the same interest on the daily outstanding balance from the date of the original purchase.

Can I withdraw money from my Argos store card?

You cannot use this card for any other means, including withdrawing cash from an ATM, making purchases in any other retailers or transferring balances from other cards.