Quick Answer: Can I Travel In AC Coach With Waiting Ticket?

Do we get blankets in AC 3 tier?

Yes you will get a blanket if you’re travelling in 3 AC class of all trains except Garib Rath Express trains where it is available on payment of Rs.

Other facilities of 3 Tier AC(Rajdhani Trains) includes : Two washed and ironed sheets, one blanket, one pillow with cover and one hand towel on “use and return” basis..

Is tatkal waiting ticket refundable?

However, if your Tatkal ticket is on the waiting list or RAC and it gets confirmed at any time before the preparation of the final passenger chart, you won’t be entitled to refunds in case of cancellation. … There will also be no refund on the cancellation of confirmed tickets booked through the Tatkal scheme.

What happens if AC ticket is in waiting list?

If its over the counter ticket and all passengers are waitlisted then its not automatically. You will have to get it cancelled and refund over counter. You are not allowed to board AC coach, but you can travel in General Coach or (by practice) in sleeper coach without a seat. … Cancel the complete ticket for refund.

Can we travel with waiting list?

* No waitlisted ticket holder will be allowed to travel, according to the new rules. These passengers will, however, get a full refund from the Railways. … * Introduction of waiting lists will also lead to reducing the queues for confirmed tickets significantly.

Is waiting ticket allowed in special trains?

IRCTC 200 special trains: Ticket booking, tatkal tickets, cancellation & refund rules. … However, waiting list ticket holders will not be allowed to board the train. For these passenger train services, tatkal and premium tatkal booking will not be permitted.

Can I travel with WL ticket in 3ac?

Can I travel with waitlisted counter ticket in 3AC? Yes you can travel only if the ticket is not booked online. You can travel if you have a waitlisted ticket from PRS counter. … You are not allowed to board the train if you have an E-Ticket.

Do waitlisted tickets get Cancelled automatically?

Yes, the tickets booked online by irctc website get cancelled automatically if all passengers on the ticket remain waitlisted even after preparation of chart. This is applicable for both general and tatkal quota. … Yes your ticket is confirmed as is mentioned in the current status field.

What if AC counter ticket is not confirmed?

If you have Waitlisted Counter Ticket & Ticket has not confirmed, the passenger should travel only in unreserved coach or he has to cancel the ticket.

How many hours before train chart is prepared?

four hoursTrain tickets can be booked until second reservation chart is prepared. As from tomorrow, these charts will be prepared between 30 minutes to 5 minutes before the scheduled departure, tickets can be booked during this time. 3. The first chart is prepared at least four hours before the scheduled departure of the train.

Is Tatkal cancellation refundable?

Passengers can even get a full refund and less clerkage for confirmed tickets provided that entire tatkal ticket is surrendered for cancellation up to thirty minutes before the scheduled departure of the particular train. If passengers are made to travel in lower class, Indian Railways will refund ticket fares.

Are waiting list passengers can travel in train?

Only the passengers with Confirmed/RAC status are allowed to board the train. … They are not allowed to board the train. If fully waitlisted passengers are found travelling, they’ll be treated as without–ticket and charged as per extant Railway rules.

Is waiting allowed in a 3 tier AC?

Passenger with waiting status is not allowed at all in AC 2 tier or 3 tier compartments. AC tickets with waiting status get void if not confirmed in final chart and the amount can be reclaimed for such tickets with some deduction. … If we are reserved the online tickets and tickets are in the waiting list.

Is waiting ticket allowed in sleeper?

For the sleeper class, the waiting list will be capped at 200, while for AC 3 tier and AC chair car, it will be 100 each. Additionally, it will be 50 for AC 2 tier and 20 each for first AC and executive class.

What is difference between GNWL and WL?

Waiting List (WL): If the passenger status is marked as WL followed by a number then the passenger has a waitlisted status. … Similarly, GNWL/AVAILABLE means that current status of your ticket is CONFIRMED because some passengers who booked before you have cancelled their tickets.