Question: What Is The Verb Of Confused?

What is the adjective of confused?


/kənˈfyuzd/ 1unable to think clearly or to understand what is happening or what someone is saying People are confused about all the different labels on food these days.

He was depressed and in a confused state of mind..

Is were a verb or noun?

As detailed above, ‘were’ can be a noun or a verb. Here are some examples of its usage: Verb usage: John, you were the only person to see him. Verb usage: We were about to leave.

Is the a noun or verb?

In the English language the word the is classified as an article, which is a word used to define a noun. (More on that a little later.) But an article isn’t one of the eight parts of speech. Articles are considered a type of adjective, so “the” is technically an adjective as well.

Is Confused an emotion?

We think it’s a real thing, a state of being. As if confusion signifies something real about our knowing or not knowing what to do. But here’s the truth: Confusion is an emotion created by your thoughts. … One reason we like to stay confused is because we don’t want to take responsibility for making decisions.

Is totally a adverb?

TOTALLY (adverb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is had a noun?

Noun. had (plural hadak)

How do you use the word Confused?

Confused sentence examplesFor a moment he looked confused, and then turned away. … Sarah seemed confused as well. … Darcie looked confused as she smiled graciously. … He became confused in his speech and stopped in the middle of what he was saying. … We were just two confused playmates. … His words confused her.More items…

Is confused a verb or adjective?

CONFUSED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is an adverb for Confused?


What is the noun of confused?

A lack of clarity or order. The state of being confused; misunderstanding. (archaic) A state of shame or embarrassment.

Is confusion a verb or noun?

noun. the act of confusing. the state of being confused. disorder; upheaval; tumult; chaos: The army retreated in confusion.

What is this word confused?

adjective. feeling or exhibiting an inability to understand; bewildered; perplexed. in a disordered state; mixed up; jumbled. lacking sufficient mental abilities for independent living, esp through old age.