Question: Is Stormlight Archive Good?

Is Stormlight archive better than mistborn?

I would start with Mistborn.

The books are a good introduction to Sanderson’s writing style, but have a bit more action to draw you in.

The Stormlight Archives are as much about the world as the characters or action, so it can feel a bit slow at times..

Why is mistborn so good?

Kelsier’s crew are a band of charismatic and charming rogues of the mayhem causing kind. The dialogue between them all is so dynamic and it’s great characters like this that make Mistborn such an enjoyable trilogy. Allomancy is perhaps THE BEST system of magic I have ever came across within the fantasy genre.

Is mistborn finished?

Mistborn is broken up into multiple arcs. The first arc of three books is complete. … There is one more book coming in the second arc, but apparently, don’t expect to see it until 2018 at the earliest. So, if you stick with the first three, that’s what I would consider a “completed” series.

Why is Vasher in Roshar?

Vasher moved to Roshar, the only planet he had been to besides Nalthis. His main purpose in returning to Roshar was to have easier access to the Investiture, in the form of Stormlight, that he needed in order to survive.

In what order should I read Brandon Sanderson books?

Chronological Reading OrderWhite Sand Vol. … White Sand Vol. … White Sand Vol. … Elantris.The Hope of Elantris – Short story.The Emperor’s Soul – Novella.The Eleventh Metal – Short story.The Final Empire.More items…•

Is Stormlight Archive good Reddit?

Great!”. In many other ways, however, Stormlight Archive is a better written series than Mistborn Era 1. The plots are great in both (well, you did not get to enjoy of the Mistborn plot, but there wound up a lot of stuff going on there), the characters are better defined in SA.

What should I read before Stormlight archive?

So in short, my recommended reading order for the best experience is:SA 1: The Way of Kings. (order interchangeable with Warbreaker)WB 1: Warbreaker. (order interchangeable with The Way of Kings)SA 2: Words of Radiance.SA 2.5: Edgedancer.SA 3: Oathbringer.

Will there be a 4th Stormlight archive?

Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive Book 4 Arrives on November 17, 2020. Tor Books has announced that Brandon Sanderson will return to Roshar and the Cosmere universe on November 17, 2020 with the fourth volume in his landmark epic fantasy series, The Stormlight Archive!

Will there be a Stormlight archive movie?

In 2016, DMG Entertainment secured the film and licensing rights to The Stormlight Archive and other interconnected Sanderson series, and plans to spend more than $540 million to adapt the series into three movies. … Because the Stormlight Archive will not be cheap. It will be really, really not cheap.”

What is a Spren?

Spren are creatures of nature. … spren are elements of the Cognitive Realm that have leaked into the physical world. They’re concepts that have gained a fragment of sentience, perhaps because of human intervention.” … “Spren are those ideas – the ideas of collective human experience – somehow come alive.”

How many books will be in Stormlight archive?

4The Stormlight Archive/Number of books

Are mistborn and Stormlight connected?

The cosmere is the greater universe in which The Stormlight Archive – and many of Brandon Sanderson’s other adult fiction books – take place. Elements of the cosmere are slowly being added into the books, behind the scenes, until they come into the forefront with Dragonsteel and the final Mistborn trilogy. …

Is Warbreaker part of the Stormlight archive?

But yeah, the Stormlight Archive, the Mistborn series, Elantris, Emperor’s Soul and Warbreaker are all connected.

Is Warbreaker worth reading?

Sure, it’s not as polished as his other books, but on it’s own rights, it is highly entertaining and on par with other high quality fantasy author’s books imo. Definitely read Warbreaker before Oathbringer. Being able to notice the “easter eggs” from the book will make the time you put into it worth it.

Do you have to read mistborn before Stormlight?

Generally speaking, no. The book you should try to read – at least before you start Words of Radiance, and definitely before Oathbringer is Warbreaker. The further the narrative goes in Stormlight Archive, the more of a prequel *Warbreaker * becomes.

Is HOID a wit?

Hoid is former King Elhokar’s Wit and entertainer. He is a recurring mysterious character in the cosmere who existed before the gods of the various worlds were created, and was involved in that situation. It has been hinted that he was a rogue student of Silverlight University.