Question: How Do I Choose An Alternator?

Is a higher amp alternator better?

A higher amperage alternator will not pose any problems to the vehicle’s electrical system.

Amperage will flow to only those components that can use the energy and supply as much amperage as the component can consume..

What is a good alternator?

A good alternator should produce about 13.5 to 14.5 volts with the engine idling. If the voltage reading is low (12.5 volts or less), it indicates a charging problem but does not tell you what’s causing it. That’s why bench testing is so important.

How do I know if my car has a smart alternator?

If your readings are around 14.4V DC then then you most likely have the traditional, non-smart alternator. If your reading is closer to 12.5-13.5V then it’s likely that you have a smart alternator. A 2013 model most likely would not have a smart alternator. Keeping the charger away from heat will be your best option.

Will Autozone put in an alternator?

No, they don’t replace them for you. However, if you need yours tested, and can remove it yourself and bring it in, they will test it. Depending on the vehicle, changing the alternator may be pretty quick and simple.

How do I choose the right alternator?

How to Identify an Alternator by NumberLook up the alternator in your vehicle owner’s guide. The information should be included under the parts and references section. … Open the hood and locate the alternator. It will be on the engine, connected to the fan belt. … Look for the number on the alternator.

What size alternator do I need?

As a rule of thumb, 12-volt alternators use one horsepower for every 25 amps of output, or to put it another way, their ratio of output to horsepower load is 25:1. So, when selecting a new alternator, you need to size it for the limits of the capacity of its drive belt.