Question: Do You Need A Car In Kona?

Do you need a car in Hawaii Big Island?

Yes, you will need a car to get the most out of the Big Island.

It takes 6-9 hours to drive around the entire island without stopping, so it is big.

And you can’t walk to every scenic site.

You can do a tour with Arnott’s to Mauna Kea since it is not safe to go up there without a 4 wheel drive..

How much is uber in Kona?

Uber fares in Kailua Kona start at $6.85. Lyft fares in Kailua Kona start at $4.60. Lyft is 33% cheaper.

Can you live in Hawaii without a car?

Honolulu may have a high cost of living compared to other cities and states, but it’s got one significant thing going for it: you can live anywhere in Honolulu without a car. … Downtown Honolulu, Ala Moana, Diamond Head, and Waikiki are all excellent examples.

Is it worth renting a car in Oahu?

One of the most frequent questions Hawaii tourists ask themselves is: “Do I need to rent a car on Oahu?” The answer is typically no, but you may want to consider it for at least part of your visit since it will make it much easier for you to get to some of the beautiful outlying areas of the island.

How do I get from Maui to Kona?

Hawaiian Airlines is the only other air carrier that offers flights between the Hawaiian islands, but unlike Mokulele, its only direct flights between Kona and Maui go to the Kahului Airport. You’ll find three to six nonstop daily flights from KOA to OGG via Hawaiian Airlines.

How do you get around Kona without a car?

If you want to be in control of your own transport there is only one viable option to navigate around the Big Island: renting a car. Getting around without a car: With public transport (the bus) With shared rides / Uber / Lyft / taxi services on the Big Island.

Do you need a car for Hawaii?

Should I rent a car on Oahu? Restaurants, shops, beaches, activities and several major attractions (including the Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium, Kapiolani Park and the U.S. Army Museum) are within walking distance of most hotels in Waikiki, so if you’re not going anywhere else, you won’t need a car.

Is there public transportation in Kona Hawaii?

Hawaii County also offers free mass transit via the Hele On (Let’s Go) Bus. There are stops all around the island of Hawaii, with service between Kona and Hilo offered Monday through Saturday. All buses are wheelchair accessible, and it’s free to go anywhere on the island.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Kona Hawaii?

Cheap car rentals in Kailua-Kona$22/dayEconomy$35/dayLuxury$49/dayConvertible$38/dayPickup Truck$56/dayPremium SUV15 more rows

How do you get around Hawaii without a car?

Use this guide to learn the advantages and disadvantages of traveling around the island.DO: Rent a Car. … DO: Use Shuttles from Your Resort. … DO: Take “TheBus” – Honolulu Bus System. … MAYBE: Hop on the Waikiki Trolley. … DON’T: Hail a Taxi. … DO: Leverage Arranged Transportation. … DO: Use an Uber or Lyft. … DO: Walk.

How do I get from Honolulu to Kona?

You can fly from Kona to Honolulu on Island Air, Hawaiian Airlines, and Mokulele. Flights take an hour or less. You can fly direct to Honolulu, but you must be careful to choose a direct flight, because these airlines also offer multi-stop flights.

Is there Uber in Hawaii?

In the last two weeks, Uber launched its services on both Kauai and Hawaii Island, adding another transportation option to the already-existing ones on both islands. … With the recent additions, that’s four islands—the majority of Hawaii—on which you can catch an Uber.