How Long Is Quarantine For Dogs In Hawaii?

What are the requirements to bring a dog to Hawaii?

RULES SUMMARY: Pets will need a microchip implanted for identification.

The pet will need a rabies shot and a booster, which can be no less than three months apart and not more than one year apart.

Animals should have passed a blood serum test, with results e-mailed to Hawaii officials by the testing lab..

Where do I pick up my dog at Honolulu airport?

They are located at Terminal 1 ground level, in the C.B. Lansing Garden and in Terminal 2 ground level in the Hawaiian Garden.

What airlines allow pets in cabin to Hawaii?

Alaska Airlines is the only commercial airlines I have found that allows pets (small cats & dogs only) to fly in the passenger cabin on flights to Hawaii. I’ve even looked into commercial cruise lines, and Cunard is the only one I’ve found that accepts pets as passengers, but only on transatlantic crossings.

How much does it cost to quarantine a dog in Hawaii?

The 120-day quarantine program costs $1,080 per pet. The 5 Day Or Less quarantine program costs $244 per pet.

What is the most dog friendly country?

1. Italy. Italy —especially the northern part of the peninsula — is perhaps the most pet-friendly country in all of Europe. This is an especially welcoming destination for pooches, as they can enter most establishments, and you’ll have no trouble finding water bowls in front of shops and restaurants.

Will my dog be quarantined in USA?

Quarantine for pets is not required by most U.S. states and territories; however, Hawaii and Guam do have quarantine requirements for pet dogs and cats being imported into the United States. Pets excluded from entry into the United States must be sent back to the country of origin.

Which airlines allow pets in cabin?

American Airlines. As the biggest airline in the world, American Airlines is also one of the most pet-friendly. … JetBlue. … Air Canada. … Delta. … Air India. … Air France. … Swiss International Airlines. … Turkish Airlines.More items…

How much does it cost to fly a dog to Hawaii?

Each airline charges its own fee to transport pets to Hawaii. It can cost anywhere from $200 to over $1,000 per pet depending on where you’re departing from, where your animal will be in the aircraft, how big your pet is, etc.

Do dogs need Quarantine going Us?

If a dog or cat is imported into USA and does not have a rabies vaccination, then the owner has to sign a confinement agreement, which states that they need to be kept away from other animals until a period of at least 30 days after a rabies vaccination. Different states impose this rule differently.

What dog breeds are not allowed in Hawaii?

Banned Breeds Non-domestic dogs and cats and hybrids such as wolf, wolf cross, Dingo, Bengal, Savannah, etc are prohibited from entry to Hawaii.

Can dogs fly in cabin to Hawaii?

Traveling to Hawaii with pets. Only cats and dogs can be transported into Hawaii. Hawaii is the only rabies-free state in the US.

How can I avoid pet quarantine in Hawaii?

The state offers an expedited quarantine program, known as the 5 Day or Less Rabies Quarantine Program, that requires pets to undergo rabies vaccinations and blood testing before arriving, which allows them to avoid physical quarantine in Hawaii.

How long does it take to quarantine a dog?

If you plan everything correctly your pet will only need to face the minimum quarantine (which is often just 7-10 days), but never count on finding a way to skip it altogether.

Do I have to quarantine my dog when I move to Hawaii?

All dogs and cats, regardless of age (puppies and kittens included) or purpose, must comply with Hawaii’s dog and cat import requirements. … Furthermore, the law requires dogs and cats that do not meet all of the specific 5 Day Or Less program requirements to be quarantined for up to 120 days upon arrival in Hawaii.

What animals are illegal in Hawaii?

The following are some of the more commonly owned non-domestic animals that are prohibited:alligators.dragon lizards.ferrets.gerbils.geckos.hamsters.monk parakeets.piranhas.More items…•

Are pit bulls allowed in Hawaii?

Hawaii Senator Colleen Hanabusa, president of the Hawaii Senate, has introduced Senate Bill 79, which seeks to prohibit the ownership, possession, or sale of “pit bulls” in the state. … Make it a misdemeanor to own, possess, or sell a pit bull.

How can I fly with my dog?

Though rules vary from airline to airline, your dog can typically only fly in the cabin—a.k.a. as a carry-on—if they are small enough to fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you. Any larger than that, and your pup will have to travel in the cargo hold, with the luggage and freight.