How Do I Mark A Job On Thumbtack?

Is thumbtack free to use?

We show customers your business, for free.

Millions of customers come to Thumbtack to find pros like you.

Customers see search results in real-time with profiles, ratings, and more..

How do you pay on thumbtack?

Pay a pro – Thumbtack Help. When you hire a pro, you work directly with them to pay for the project. At this time, there’s no way to send payments through Thumbtack. Check a pro’s profile to see how they accept payment.

How do I update a project on thumbtack?

In this article: Feature your best work. Add or update a featured project….To add a featured project to your profile:Go to the “Featured projects” section of your profile. … Select Add new project.Fill out the details (some fields are optional).Click Save.

Is thumbtack worth paying for?

Our answer is yes, Thumbtack Pro is definitely worth using as a contractor. The biggest reason people are complaining about Thumbtack is because they pay $25, $50, etc. … Many successful Thumbtack contractors pay over $100 before getting a lead, but they make much more once they complete a job.

How much do you pay for leads on thumbtack?

Thumbtack sets the opening bid price for a lead’s contact information. If you win the bidding process, you get to pitch that lead – and the cost is paid in “credits”. Each credit costs $1.67 to buy and leads can cost anywhere from 2 to 9 credits (so $3.34 to $15.30 per lead).

How do you cancel thumbtack?

Deactivate my account – Thumbtack Help. Go to your Account (you’ll need to log in first). Click Deactivate account. Follow the prompts and click Deactivate Account.

How reliable is thumbtack?

Is Thumbtack Safe for Customers? There is still the question of “Is Thumbtack safe?” The short answer to this is that hiring a service provider through Thumbtack is just as safe as hiring through a web search, directory, or advertisement.

How much does it cost to list on thumbtack?

They only pay to quote, and Thumbtack does not charge commission on jobs they complete or future jobs that they book with the same customer and their referrals. A single credit costs roughly $1.50, but that goes down as low as $1.42 if a professional buys a bulk pack of credits.

How do you book on thumbtack?

Bookings for jobs cost more than other leads because you’re not competing with other Thumbtack pros and you’re more likely to be hired….You’re closer to landing the job.Head to your Calendar.Click Instant Book.Select the times you’re available for the week.Click Update.

Where is the edit page on thumbtack?

Log in to your Thumbtack account. Find your profile by selecting the Profile tab. Click View as customer to see a preview of your profile….Go back to your profile.Find the section you want to update.Click Edit.

How do I delete a review on thumbtack?

We don’t edit, change or delete reviews that meet our review policy. If you have more than one profile, make sure you share the right review link with customers, because reviews created on one profile can’t be moved to another profile.

Does thumbtack send fake leads?

Thumbtack does not generate fake requests. … We have a lot of customers that come to Thumbtack and hire professionals to help them complete their personal projects. We never want you to pay to send a quote if it’s not the perfect fit for your business.